Aplica el Framework Zachman para la transformación digital

A Rosetta stone for enterprise understanding: In practice, enterprises use a myriad of frameworks as a means of managing workflow, create common understanding, implementing best practices and more. However, so many different frameworks (e.g. HR, Software Development, Legal, etc.) can actually create confusion in the enterprise. In this workshop participants will learn how to use the Zachman Enterprise Ontology as a means of establishing common understanding among frameworks without discarding current practices and tools. Participants in this workshop will participate in a series of short exercises focused on applying the Zachman Framework (i.e. Enterprise Ontology) to help improve understanding across the enterprise. Recommended Requisite: Zachman Enterprise Tutorial. Details: 2hr Session taught by Cort C. Coghil



Pabellón 6 | Salón 1

Inicio: 14:00

Fin: 15:30


Logos: MinTic - Semana de Gobierno Digital


Logos: MinTic - Semana de Gobierno Digital